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A broadly and deeply skilled quantitative analyst and writer with more than two decades of experience spanning a breadth of technical and business domains, I am blessed to have acquired a wide range of effective analytical, technical, creative, communications, and leadership skills. I always seek to apply these in a value-adding, progressive organizational culture (e.g., TQM, Baldrige).




March 2010 - present: HealthInsight Regional Extension Center. HIT Project Coordinator, re-hired yet again by HealthInsight, this time to assist physicians with adopting Health Information Technology, under the incentives provided by the federal ARRA / HITECH Act. Focusing specifically in this role as the team lead for adoption support activities such as workflow analysis and re-design for clinic information flow optimization. Also now the HealthInsight lead for HIT Workforce Development collaboration with the College of Southern Nevada.

July 2006 - March 2010: PR/Management/Marketing Representative for Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns.
Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns comprise a highly regarded 15 member Las Vegas Soul/Salsa/Jazz group led by veteran show producer-performer Jerry Lopez and staffed by many the city's premier casino show musicians. Responsibilities included ongoing documentary photography and blogging, production of a variety of advertising artwork (samples here and here), administration of web venues (e.g., in addition to the blog, here, here, here, and here), management of product sales (CDs, DVDs, posters, and t-shirts, etc), and development of corporate underwriting proposals and the gamut of promotional efforts through which to assist in extending the visibility and booking viability of the band nationally and internationally.

February 14, 2005 - March 1, 2007: HealthInsight, Utah-Nevada Medicare QIO (Quality Improvement Organization), Las Vegas, NV.
Healthcare Information Technology Analyst, re-hired principally to serve as a member of the Nevada "DOQ-IT" team (, whose mission is to assist in bringing EMR systems (Electronic Medical Records) to small to medium size outpatient practices, with a primary goal of demonstrably improving patient care through effective use of information technology. Also now a member of the newly-created Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition Regional Health Information Committee, which is part of the national effort to exand the use of digital heath care information technology through deployment of RHIOs (Regional Health Information Organizations). Additional duties include episodic data mining / analyses of claims databases such as the CMS (Medicare) Part-A inpatient data and the Nevada All-Payer inpatient claims data acquired from the UNLV Center for Health Information Analysis (CHIA). Reason for leaving: Medicare contract funding cutback leading to 10% staff reduction.

April 2000 - February 2005
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Risk Management, First National Bank of Marin, Las Vegas, NV.
Duties include a variety of ongoing risk analyses pertaining to departmental operations such as Account Acquisition, Customer Service, and Collections. Participant in Risk Group underwriting modeling and validation projects executed using SAS logistic regression and S-Plus CART analytic methods. Principal writer/editor of Risk Group white papers and related technical documentation, as well as out-of-the-box thinker. Emphasis beginning mid- 2001 focused on Portfolio Risk Management, including utilization analysis, point-of-sale, collections operations analysis, fraud detection, behavior/profitability score modeling, and macroeconomic modeling for use in loss forecasting. Key team member within a risk management group providing the analytics that resulted in more than $10 million in operational cost savings in 2003. This risk management group -- described by the OCC as "best in class" -- helped guide the bank to a record-breaking net profit year in 2004. Reason for leaving: Opportunity to return to healthcare quality improvement activities.

January 2004 - May 2004:
Adjunct faculty member with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Graduate seminar, Argument Analysis (EPS 701).

2002 - 2004, episodic:
Textbook manuscript evaluator for Allyn & Bacon/Longman Publishers of NY. Reviewed and critically evaluated several academic manuscripts each year.

January 2001 - December 2003:
Adjunct faculty member with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Reasoning and Critical Thinking (Philosophy 102).

January 2000:
Adjunct faculty member with the Southern Nevada Community College, teaching evening classes in Reasoning and Critical Thinking (CCSN Philosophy 102).

October 1999-January 2000:
Member of a UNLV Ethics & Policy Studies technical review team performing an independent review and assessment of the proposed Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository Draft Environmental Impact Statement (YM/DEIS) for the Clark County Government Nuclear Waste Division. This project focuses on the "Environmental Justice" component of the YM/DEIS as required by Presidential Executive Order 12898.

Fall, 1998:
Website development for EMAX Laboratories of Torrance, California, through the I.T. Group, Inc./U.S. Department of Energy Mentor-Protege program.

HealthInsight NV (Medicare/Medicaid Peer Review Agency), Las Vegas, NV

Department: Analytical/MIS
Title: Health Care Analyst & Novell LAN/WAN Manager
From: 5-93 to 9-95
Duties Included:

Reason for leaving: Enrollment as a full time graduate student at UNLV.

Computational Systems, Inc., Knoxville, TN

Department: Technical Marketing Group
Title: Technical Editor & Video Producer
From: 5-91 to 6-92
Duties Included:

Reason for leaving: Spouse transferred to Las Vegas by her employer.

International Technology Corporation / Oak Ridge Laboratory
1550 Bear Creek Rd, Oak Ridge, TN (facility now closed)

Department: Radioanalytical lab & health physics operations
Title: Systems Analyst/QC statistician
From: 1-86 to 5-91, contracted, d.b.a. M.I.S Development Group
Duties Included:

Reason for leaving: End of contract services.

Corporate & Academic Media Associates, Inc. (CAM3), Knoxville, TN

Title: Co-founder, Vice President & General Manager
From: 6-85 to 6-92 (Closed upon relocation to LV)
Duties Included:





Senior member, American Society for Quality (ASQ), former Chairman, Las Vegas Section 705;

Nevada Quality Alliance (NvQA), a founding Board member and past President

Nevada Center for Public Ethics, organizing committee member (;

Member and web coordinator, Nevada Association for Healthcare Quality (NvAHQ).

PUBLICATIONS (update, click here for a more extensive list, including full documents):

Dillard, James W., Ph.D., Gladd, Robert E., and Hutton, Vicky, Laboratory Software Applications Development: Quality Assurance Considerations, Conference Proceedings, 34th Annual Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry (Las Vegas NV, USEPA/SAIC/REECO, October 17-21, 1988).

Gladd, Robert E. and Littlefield, James M., Radioanalytic Counting Instrument Reliability: An Interim Assessment of a Computer-Assisted Statistical Process Control Approach, Conference Proceedings, 35th Annual Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry (Charleston SC, USDOE/ Westinghouse Savannah River Company, October 30-November 2, 1989). Subsequently published in Radioactivity and Radiochemistry, Vol. 1 No. 4., 1990.

Gladd, Robert E. and Dillard, James W., Ph.D., Improved Evaluation of Environmental Radiochemical Inorganic Solid Matrix Replicate Precision: Normalized Range Analysis Revisited, Conference Proceedings, 36th Annual Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry (Oak Ridge TN, USDOE/Martin Marietta Energy Systems, October 22-26, 1990).

Gladd, Robert E., The PDM-QC Connection: A Proactive Approach to Quality with Predictive Maintenance Technology, 1991, Computational Systems, Inc.

Gladd, Robert E., Emerging International Quality System Standards: The Critical Role of the Maintenance Function, TrendSetter, Vol., 3, No. 2, Spring 1992, Computational Systems, Inc.

Gladd, Robert E., "The U.S. Constitutional Right of Privacy: Its Evolution and Continuing Interpretive Controversies." Governance: The UNLV Political Science Review, Vol. 2, Fall 1999.


Full-court pickup basketball (anytime, anywhere), weightlifting, downhill skiing, camping, fishing, and music.

Impeccable personal and professional references available upon request.